Other Links

Some Homepages are in french or german language!

  • Different French Theatergroups in Vienna:
    Art-T: www.art-t.net
    Théâtre du Funambule: http://funambule.vienne.eu.org

  • University (Vienna):
    University of Vienna: www.univie.ac.at
    Institute for Psychology: www.univie.ac.at/Psychologie
    To get the Notes: https://www.univie.ac.at/psi/
    Psychoforum: www.psychoforum.at
    To get Skripts: www.skriptenforum.net
    Universitätscampus Altes AKH: www.univie.ac.at/universitaetscampus
    University International: www.univie.ac.at/international

  • Holidays:
    Low Cost Airlines: Ryan Air, German Wings, Sky Europe
    Austria & Co: www.wien.at, Austrian Airlines, ÖBB Austrian Trains, Interrail, www.tiscover.at, Eurolines Busses, STA Travel (Ökista), Viennese Subway
    Greece, Paros and Creta: Olympic Airways, All Greek Ferries, Greek Travel Page, http://parosweb.com, www.paros-online.com, www.greeka.com, www.greekisland.co.uk, www.elgreco.de, Map of Paleohora, Bus service in Creta

  • Funny:
    let's make a therapy for plush pets
    Create Southpark characters
    Singing Horses

  • Others:
    www.bac99.at.tf, my degree class
    Ö3 Radio
    Money Converter
    Were I got my drawing lessons